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Is Your Software Working for You?

There is a reason you have hit our home page! It is likely that your software is not performing as well as it should be. Maybe you keep hitting the same wall, there are aspects of your software that do not work for you – it is just not smart enough, fast enough or robust enough to deal with everything you need it to do for your business. It is repetitive, so you keep needing to do the same task, over and over (when you could be getting on with something else). Well, you are certainly in the right place. ASK Technologies is a software development company. We provide smarter, faster and better software that takes you into the future and beyond. The type of technology that is easy to understand and yet agile enough to bolt on new elements to drive your business forwards, save time and grow your success. We offer the right technology for your needs.

A Brilliant Team of experienced IT Professionals

ASK Technologies has a team of brilliant IT professionals that understand technology, the problems associated with software development and most importantly, come up with solutions. We will get on with working out what your business needs so it is 100% efficient. We will make suggestions and explain the functionality to you in simple terms, no industry jargon!. Then, we will implement it and train you in how to use it – while being there to support you throughout your software journey.

Safe and Secure

Of course, any system that your business uses must be secure. You do not want to be at risk of cyber attack or data breaches. With bespoke software you do not need to worry, we know how to keep your information secure and protected at all times from cyber attacks. We understand data protection requirements, whether that's GDPR or ISO27001.

Not only do we provide solutions to software problems, implement new software and keep it running for you, we can guarantee that with the right software in place, you will streamline your business, increase your efficiency and boost your productivity.

It is time to take control of your software, just ASK us how, get in touch and book a FREE, no-obligation software consultation.

Do you want a custom software development company that delivers real solutions for smarter, faster, slicker business? We thought as much. It is simple really. Our clients love us for so many reasons, but the three stand-out reasons are that we are:

Honest, Reliable & Trustworthy

There are no rough edges with ASK Technologies, what we promise is what you get. We are transparent and open with our clients, preferring to see ourselves as an extension to your team rather than a separate entity. We are incredibly reliable, we won’t let you down – ever. We understand the importance of security and confidentiality, especially when it comes to your business software.

No Hard Sales Pitch!

Of course, every business needs to sell itself, but we do not go in hard, we prefer a softer approach, an honest approach and one that does not back you into a corner! We would love to work for you, but we will not push it. If you like us, that is great – we like you too, so let us collaborate and we will deliver state-of-the-art tech that you want, you like and – you can get to grips with easily.

Pricing You will Like

You will be delighted with our pricing structure too. We can tailor a package to your needs that does not cost the earth. In fact, you will find us extremely affordable because why should you pay more? Just because we are affordable does not mean we will not give you 100%. Quite the opposite, we always go the extra mile because like you, we expect excellence. Like what you hear? That is good news, join the other business that use our services and find out for yourself why our clients love us – let’s chat

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